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September 2015 Archives

Can an encroachment cause a real estate dispute?

Hopefully our South Florida readers get along quite well with their neighbors, and the prospect of a property dispute is nonexistent. Unfortunately, however, there are many property owners who are not so lucky, and they become involved in a real estate dispute when a neighbor does something on their land that causes an encroachment on a neighboring piece of property.

The steps for a buyer in a "for sale by owner" deal - Part II

In the first part of this multi-part series, we began to take a look at some of the first steps a buyer will likely need to consider as part of a "for sale by owner" transaction. These types of real estate transactions can save both buyers and sellers time and money, as long as they take the right steps.

The steps for a buyer in a "for sale by owner" deal - Part I

Some of our South Florida readers may have followed a previous multi-part series here that focused on the important steps that sellers should follow if they are entering into a for sale by owner situation with their home. Now it is time to examine the steps that a prospective buyer will want to pay attention to in this type of situation, starting with Part I of this two-part series.

Unfavorable terms in a lease could lead to a real estate dispute

Anyone who has even been a party to a contract probably knows how important it is to make sure that the actual words in the contract comport with the agreement that was made. This is true in all different types of contracts, but the importance can be even higher in a contract involving real estate. Whether it is a lease or a purchasing agreement, a contract that involves unfavorable terms can lead to a real estate dispute down the road.