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May 2016 Archives

Can Florida residents view commercial property as an investment?

When South Florida readers think about real estate, they probably envision property that they purchase to make their own. Whether it is a new home or piece of commercial property that will be used for business operations, both residential and commercial buyers are usually approaching the real estate market with this frame of mind. However, can Florida residents get into the commercial real estate market with investment in mind?

Taxes and escrow funds among concerns in commercial real estate

When a business owner in South Florida is making a move toward purchasing commercial real estate, there can seem to be an endless flood of issues and problems. However, that does not always have to be the case. If a real estate transaction for commercial property is conducted properly, the buyer may actually experience quite a smooth process. Whether it is the purchase of an office building, industrial property or a retail location, many buyers will encounter issues related to taxes and escrow funds no matter how smooth the purchase is.

Challenges builders face in residential development

Any of our readers who take a look around the South Florida metropolitan area know that residential development has picked up quite a bit in recent years. Condo towers are popping up left and right, even as more land development projects get the green light. However, behind each of these projects there is a builder who has to comply with the terms of an agreement that was likely worked out with the investors who are pursuing the development property. Those builders can sometimes feel the heat of getting the projects done against stiff deadlines.