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November 2016 Archives

What is a "security interest" with a residential mortgage?

There are millions of Americans throughout the country who have only been able to purchase a home because they applied for and were approved for a mortgage. Obtaining a mortgage to purchase property is so common as to be almost taken for granted in every residential real estate transaction. But, even as South Florida residents go through the process of applying for and obtaining a mortgage, they may not understand all of the terms involved. For instance, what is a "security interest" with a residential mortgage?

Financing commercial real estate may be getting more difficult

Businesses and investors alike often find themselves in the commercial real estate market. For businesses in South Florida, the commercial property will be used as retail locations, office buildings and warehouses, among other uses. Expanding companies need space for their staff and inventory, as well as a place to sell their goods and services. Investors, on the other hand, usually buy commercial real estate in order to turn around and sell it off for a profit. They might keep their eye on an area with growth potential for years, hanging on to a piece of property in order to sell it at just the right time to maximize profits. But, for companies and investors, making a purchase of commercial real estate may be getting more difficult.

Most people need mortgages to buy a home in South Florida

Searching for a home in South Florida can be an exciting process. Many people are looking for their first house, while others may be looking for a new house for their expanding family. The fun part is looking at all of the options that are available, evaluating the fit for the new neighborhood and making sure that key amenities are available. Of course, there are some people who can find this process to be exhausting as well.

Covering all of the details in the sale of commercial real estate

Businesses and investors have all kinds of assets to track. Among the most important assets they own is commercial real estate. In South Florida, commercial property can be a valuable commodity, from office buildings to warehouses to retail locations. The local area is growing, and both residential and commercial property can be valuable assets in the current market.