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Is your doctor located next to your favorite retail center?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2013 | Commercial Real Estate |

Many of our South Florida readers know that one of the keys to running a successful business enterprise is the ability to change with the times. The inability to do so can lead to financial difficulties at best, and bankruptcy at the worst. A recent article focused on the changes many South Florida medical care providers are making, and that includes staking out commercial real estate in prime locations.

What’s one of the other keys to running a successful business? Our readers have probably heard it before: “location, location, location.” In an increasingly competitive market for medical services, doctors and other health professionals in South Florida are starting to look for office buildings near shopping malls and other retail centers, all in the hopes of attracting more business – and thereby increasing profits.

This is a marked change in the way many of these medical professionals used to do business. As noted in the recent article, for many years doctors, dentists and other health professionals could set up shop wherever they wanted, confident in the fact that patients would seek them out when needed. Not anymore – medical professionals are now actively engaged in finding the right commercial property to promote their brand and bring their services to those in need.

No matter what type of business it is, finding the right piece of property is a critical decision. With the robust recovery in residential real estate well underway in South Florida, commercial property in the area is also likely to see a healthy boost in the coming months and years. When the time comes for a company to make the major decisions on investing in real estate or signing a lease, knowing all of the options can help ease the stress.

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