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Foreclosure hits former Miami Dolphins player Daunte Culpepper

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2013 | Mortgages |

When a South Florida homeowner fails to make a mortgage payment on time, it can be a problem. And when a homeowner is faced with a situation where they are consistently making delinquent payments the problem can be magnified. But the worst case scenario is a foreclosure, and that appears to be the situation for former Miami Dolphins quarterback Daunte Culpepper.

Many of our readers probably remember Culpepper, who was at his best in the National Football League as a member of the Minnesota Vikings. Culpepper, along with recently retired NFL great Randy Moss, were parts of one of the most explosive offensive attacks the NFL had ever seen with the Vikings, and when Culpepper became a free agent the Dolphins snatched him up hoping that explosiveness could be renewed in Miami, despite the fact that Culpepper was coming off of a major injury. The gamble failed, and Culpepper’s short stint with the Dolphins was his last meaningful playing time in the NFL.

But, in 2006, after the Dolphins signed Culpepper, he obviously thought he had a long-term future in Miami and he decided to buy a home in the area for about $3.6 million. And, like his playing days with the Dolphins, it appears that decision has not panned out either. According to reports, the home was recently surrendered in a foreclosure case.

When a borrower receives a foreclosure notice from a lender it can be the nerve-wracking experience of a lifetime. That is why so many real estate experts recommend approaching banks about a mortgage loan modification before thoughts of foreclosure even enter the picture. Doing so could result in a more manageable mortgage agreement.

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