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South Florida city planning departments oversee land development

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2014 | Residential Real Estate |


Most investors who are interested in land development or residential development will have contact with a city planning department at some point. These types of departments, which exist in just about every city in the country, are primarily concerned with zoning laws and ensuring that land within the city limits is being used in the best way possible.

Although meeting the requirements that are laid out by city planning departments is often viewed as “red-tape,” by residential property investors, the fact is that these departments serve a vital role in the community. In the case of South Florida, and Miami in particular, the residential real estate market is rebounding nicely from the lows of several years ago. And, although a full rebound is most likely still years away, investors are flocking to the area, as any of our readers can plainly see by all of the condo towers that are popping up. It is the city planning department that ensures that this type of residential development is the best purpose for those pieces of property.

In some cases, a proposed development project may require the re-zoning of a piece of property from commercial to residential. It is the city planning department that would make this change possible if, after reviewing the proposal, the move seems like the right one for encouraging the overall growth of the community.

Obviously, investors want to make money, and that type of economic drive can be good for a city such as Miami. But, at the city planning department there are other concerns to consider as well, like determining whether or not the proposed development will add to the city’s appeal for visitors, tourists and businesses. For investors who may be thinking of making a move into residential development in South Florida, getting the right information about the requirements is important.

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