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What are some common zoning violations?

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2014 | Real Estate Transactions |

Most people put a lot of thought and energy into real estate transactions. A real estate sale is oftentimes one of the most complicated and expensive transactions any Florida resident will be involved in, so the time and energy that is expended in order to make sure everything is right is usually time well spent. Unfortunately, there is one area where many people don’t spend a lot of time: code and zoning violations.

So, what are some common issues Florida homeowners and home buyers can run into when it comes to zoning and code enforcement? Well, probably the most common is building or removing structures on a piece of property without a permit. Putting up fences, pouring concrete slabs and putting an addition onto a home are almost always activities that require a permit. Removing structures, like a shed, also requires a permit.

From a zoning standpoint, all Florida homeowners and prospective buyers need to be aware of property lines. Certain sections of every town in America are zoned a certain way, with categories including residential and commercial. The failure to properly observe the boundaries of properties and zones can lead to a violation.

Lastly, homeowners need to take care of their property. Trash and other debris cannot be stored long-term on residential property, and homeowners must also observe the property trash removal and garbage can regulations in their local area. Overgrown property can attract a violation as well, with grass and other plants subject to strict height regulations. Most of the time these regulations only become an issue for a homeowner if someone complains – usually a neighbor – to the right governmental entity.

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