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How can you prepare for litigation in a real estate dispute?

On Behalf of | May 8, 2015 | Real Estate Disputes

Nobody likes it when a deal begins to “go south.” It doesn’t matter if it’s at a car lot, a garage sale or in a real estate transaction – the feeling that a deal is not going to play out as planned can be frustrating. However, in a real estate dispute, there may be a significantly helpful option: litigation.

Litigation is usually the last option whenever a property dispute pops up. Still, if litigation is necessary, sometimes it is the path that a South Florida resident has to take. How can a party to a real estate dispute prepare for litigation?

First and foremost, be prepared to discuss all of the information you have regarding the issue. Laying everything out for a full and honest discussion of where you stand in regards to your rights in the situation can provide you with the realistic options and choices you can pursue. In many cases there will be a wide variety of documents to review, as well as different points of view to consider when it comes to potential eyewitness testimony. If a dispute has reached the point that litigation is being considered, there will likely be significant differences of opinion on how and why the deal broke down.

Still, you shouldn’t only be prepared to discuss what you know from your standpoint: you should be able to communicate what you know about the other party. Why are they causing this issue? Do they think you are the problem? Are they acting in bad faith, or did they simply exercise their own rights and as a result you aren’t satisfied? The more information that can be discussed in the lead up to potential litigation, the more likely it is that a South Florida resident will be able to make the right decisions.

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