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Avoiding real estate disputes with properly drafted documents

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2015 | Real Estate Disputes |

Nobody goes into a real estate deal in South Florida expecting a contract dispute. But, unfortunately these types of disagreements do happen. And, in many cases, the whole reason a real estate dispute develops is due to disputed terms in a contract.

Anyone who has ever been a party to a real estate transaction, whether it was residential or commercial, knows that there is quite a bit of documentation involved when transferring ownership of a piece of property. However, probably the most important document at the outset of any deal is the purchase agreement.

Purchase agreements are meant to outline the terms of the deal, as proposed by the buyer and accepted by the seller. For instance, terms in this document include the sales price, what exactly is to be transferred and assurances that the buyer has the appropriate financial security to carry through with the deal. If any of these terms are later questioned by either side, the real estate dispute could eventually lead to litigation.

At our law firm, we understand that drafting documents that are clearly worded and that note the exact terms as outlined by the parties can oftentimes be the key to avoiding real estate disputes. Avoiding unfavorable terms in the negotiation and drafting process is crucial to ensure that a real estate deal is carried through to conclusion, with satisfactory results for all parties involved. For more information on how our law firm attempts to ensure documents are properly drafted, please visit our website.