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What is important for real estate sellers? — Part II

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2015 | Real Estate Transactions |

Most Floridians who decide to sell their home face challenges in that effort. In Part I of this multi-part series, we took a look at some of the best ways to make sure that the seller makes the home as attractive as possible for prospective buyers, who start their search for a new home first and foremost on the Internet. Now, in Part II, we will continue to look at a few more tips that can help a seller close a real estate transaction.

Some sellers may think that they will probably strip their home of everything they own when they finally complete a real estate sale and get ready to move out. However, that may not be the best approach to conclude the sale. A seller may love the new upscale appliances that were installed with a kitchen renovation, but maybe those very things are part of what sells the buyer on the home. It can be a good move to include those types of items as part of the total sale.

Another good move is not wait for a potential seller to point out all of the little repairs that need to be done on the home. A seller can move first, and complete those repairs before the home is even listed. There are other proactive steps that can be taken as well, like getting a free-and-clear termite inspection that can be touted to prospective buyers.

Many sellers focus only on the interior of their home when they make improvements and attempt to stage a buyer’s dream scenario. But, it is important not to neglect the outside of the home. The exterior landscaping, as well as the exterior condition of the home, can be important selling points. After all, the first thing a prospective buyer sees when pulling up to your home for a walkthrough is the outside.

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