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What tips are important for real estate sellers? – Part I

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2015 | Real Estate Transactions |

Making the decision to sell your home can be a big financial step. Most people sell their homes when they are ready to upgrade to another home, or perhaps when they need to relocate. But, as most of our South Florida readers probably realize, there is more to the home-selling process than just posting a listing online. In Part I of a multi-part series, we will take a look at some tips sellers might want to consider upon making the decision to sell their home.

For starters, most people eschew the go-it-alone “For Sale by Owner” approach and secure a real estate agent to prepare their home listing. This can be a good idea, but it is important to check the real estate agent’s work. For the most part, the first step in listing a home for sale is to post information about the home online. A real estate agent will typically take care of these details, but sellers should be sure to check the online listing to make sure that the information includes all of the details that the seller believes are important to secure a real estate sale. Oftentimes, more pictures can strengthen a listing.

Along with an online profile and listing, smart sellers can make use of other online outlets to generate interest in their home. One creative approach is to film a brief YouTube video, telling prospective buyers some of the great things about the home, the neighborhood and the surrounding community.

Another good idea is to let all of your neighbors know that you are selling your home – perhaps even getting permission to post a link to your home listing on their Facebook pages and other community websites. Doing so could generate referrals by neighbors to people they know who may be house-hunting – friends or family who may want to live in that part of town. More tips will follow in Part II, as we look at ways to push a real estate transaction toward a successful closing.

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