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Steps to take when choosing commercial real estate — Part II

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2016 | Commercial Real Estate |

In Part I of this two-part series, we took a look at several important steps a buyer in Florida will likely want to take when choosing commercial real estate. The first steps included being prepared to examine any potential sites upon an initial visit, looking over the site for any access or convenience concerns, as well as potential defects or security issues. Here, in Part II, we will look at the next steps.

The next steps include some technical concerns, such as evaluating the potential commercial property site for issues related to ventilation, heating and cooling and drainage. Any issues in these areas can cause major setbacks for any type of commercial real estate, whether it is a warehouse, a retail center or an office building. Buyers will want to ensure that the property they are considering will not cost them in these areas down the road.

After that, buyers will want to evaluate whether or not they will encounter any issues related to zoning at the site, or if they will need any particular permits or licenses to operate at this particular site. Zoning issues can cause real headaches if they are not addressed until after the city informs the buyer of zoning violations.

Lastly, commercial real estate buyers will need to determine whether or not they will need to make improvements at the property site. Improvements can mean more upfront costs, and can also lead to the need to hire experts, such as engineers or building contractors. Hiring the right experts to make those improvements is another crucial step.

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