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Good real estate contracts are key to preventing litigation

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2017 | Real Estate Disputes

No one who sets about to buy, sell or develop real estate in the Broward County, Florida area wants to find himself or herself tied up in litigation. Such legal disputes are very costly both in terms of money and time, so much that even a relatively simple dispute can easily make a Floridian’s investment in real estate not worth it.

Our law office works on the transactional side of real estate law, meaning that we devote our time and expertise to preparing quality real estate contracts that will protect the interests of our clients in the long term. In do so, though, we serve an important role in our clients’ litigation prevention strategy, since a good real estate contract, along with attentiveness during both the transaction and the closing process, are the best defenses against lawsuits.

After all, unfavorable terms in a real estate contract, to either side, can and often do lead to litigation since they cause unexpected and undesired results. With respect to buyers, a poorly drafted contract, or errors during closing, can mean that the buyer winds up without the real estate yet still having to turn over his or her earnest money deposit, a sum that can be quite substantial, particularly in commercial transactions.

On the other hand, with careful attention to the legal details of a transaction, a seller may wind up not transferring good title to the property or may take on a guarantee about the state of the property which the seller did not intend to make. Such mistakes could give the buyer a good reason to sue.

A good contract and a properly handled closing can save buyers and sellers a ton of time and headache. As such, someone involved in a Florida real estate transaction should explore how the services of a real estate attorney with 20 years’ experience drafting real estate agreements can help them.