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We can help with tense and important negotiations

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2017 | Real Estate Disputes |

A previous post on this blog discussed how not all real estate disputes in Fort Lauderdale wind up in a courtroom. Many times, a lawsuit or potential lawsuit gets settled long before a trial either through informal talks or something more formal, like arbitration or mediation.


In some situations, the most intense negotiations actually happen before there is any reason for litigation, such as when people are negotiating the terms of the sale of a piece of property. These sorts of negotiations have high stakes, particularly when it involves the sale of the business or a piece of residential property with high value. On a related point, the negotiation of construction contracts and other agreements related to new real estate can also mean the difference between someone getting a fair and reasonable deal and getting the short end of the stick.

Our law office understands the importance of these types of negotiations and also appreciates the potential impact they can have on our client’s interests. We bring our knowledge, experience and attention to detail to every negotiation, and that means we are able to spot problems in potential contract terms and, whenever possible, correct them. This approach not only ensures that a client gets the best deal possible, but it can even prevent litigation down the road.

While we cannot always guarantee that a real estate deal will work out as an investor intended, we do promise to be knowledgeable, experienced and tough negotiators who will do our best to secure the most favorable contract terms possible.