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Are You Ready To Buy A Second Home?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2018 | Blog |

Purchasing a second home can fulfill your desire to have the perfect vacation spot that is all your own. Along with anticipating the feeling of freedom and relaxation you’ll have at your new abode, there will be new responsibilities that go along with owning real estate. Here are aspects of second home ownership to think about as you consider this next possible step in your life.

Cash Flow Considerations

You may be able to afford the down payment, but will the ongoing maintenance of a second home be too much of a drain on your discretionary income? Consider if the outlay of cash to acquire and maintain a second home will be justified if you can only use the home a few weekends per year. Perhaps you have some friends who enjoy the same vacation location you do, and you can go into a holiday home ownership together.

Probable Perks

One of the great things about having a vacation home is the ability to truly relax in your own space while you are on vacation. There are no check-out times, and you can be one of the locals instead of a tourist. Vacationing at a second home will give you the chance to try out the community to see if you want to retire there.

Investment Interests

Are you looking to combine your interests in a vacation home with an investment strategy? You’re not alone. Many people that buy a second home are looking to combine renting it out when they are away. This helps offset the cost of their purchase, and eventually, it could turn into a source of passive income. Owning a second home gives you the chance to enjoy a piece of your investment portfolio.

In and Out

You may have found a great real estate deal that is easy to get into, but will it be as easy to get out of if your needs and preferences change? If the home is in a scenic but otherwise economically depressed area, it may be hard to sell the property on short notice for the price you want.

Tax Terms

Before you leap into second home ownership, you’ll want to consult with financial and legal experts regarding the taxation implications of your purchase and ways to structure the purchase, so it gives you the best advantage. Be sure to check out your prospective purchase with an attorney, and have legal counsel your best interests at the closing.

With proactive consideration of all of the advantages and responsibilities of second home ownership, you can make sure that this type of investment is right for you.