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Three things to do before closing on a new home

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2020 | Real Estate Transactions |

There are a lot of steps that come with getting a new home. Whether a primary property or a vacation home, a failure to take these steps can result in unexpected surprises after the closing. One way to help reduce this risk is to conduct a thorough walk through in the days before the closing.

Three specific things to look for during this last walk through include:

  • Electricity. Turn the light switches and make sure they work. If the stove top, hot water heater, hot tub or any other appliance is electric, check that as well. Also check security systems and garage door openers. A failure to turn on can be a signal of a faulty switch, appliance, or larger problem.
  • Watch for water marks. Check the ceilings for any water marks. If possible, try to do a walk through after a large rainstorm. Any visual discoloration on the ceiling or around the windows can be a sign of a leak. A leak could mean the window or roof needs work and could also be a sign of potential mold or mildew problems within the walls.
  • Review repairs. In many cases, a closing is contingent on a seller completing certain repairs. Check to make sure the seller completed these repairs and review the paperwork that goes along with the repair. If building permits were required, make sure those are in order as well.

These are just a few tips to consider before finalizing the purchase of a home. Additional steps can include reviewing the real estate documents, running a title search and getting finances in order.