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Can an HOA issue a speeding ticket?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2022 | Residential Real Estate |

The power of a homeowner’s association can vary depending on the community. In one community, an HOA is planning to start issuing speeding tickets. The process involves the use of photo radar equipment to track traffic and send automated tickets to the registered vehicle owner.

The HOA has faced some push back from frustrated residents who state the move is too much and could be a violation of state law. The HOA board counters that since the community has private roads, it is within its rights to issue tickets.

Homeowners challenge HOA board’s decision: Two valid concerns

One concern voiced by homeowners is the true impact of the move. They note the HOA can only issue tickets to residents, not visitors or guests. As such, they argue the use of tickets will not successfully slow traffic as hoped.

Others voice frustration about the HOA itself, with one resident stating that the board members are “drunk on power.”

Case provides lesson for potential buyers: Look into HOA before finalizing deal

State law and local regulations impact whether an HOA can move forward with this type of process, but the case serves as an important reminder for buyers to carefully review all aspects a home sale before moving forward with an offer.

Some homeowners may find themselves surprised to realize they are a part of an HOA and even more surprised when they are called out for violating neighborhood rules. They may think the rules are mere suggestions, but HOAs can often put a lien on a home that fails to abide by the rules. Having this information before purchasing a home can help a potential homeowner make a more informed decision about whether they want to be a part of an HOA or look for a different home.