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Do I need a real estate broker?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Real Estate Transactions |

Buying or selling a home is often the biggest financial transaction any individual will complete during their lifetime. Taking the time and getting the professional help needed to do so with their best interests in mind is wise. But when it comes to professional help, what does a buyer or seller actually need?

We know real estate agents help find properties and real estate attorneys better ensure the buyer and seller understand the contracts that guide these transactions and tailor the documents to the individual situation, but what about the other professionals that work in the real estate market?

Real estate broker, defined

One such professional is a real estate broker. This real estate professional is like a real estate agent in that they can assist with the purchase and sale of real estate. A broker is often the professional who takes the extra behind the scenes steps. They file the paperwork and transfer records and funds. In many cases, real estate agents work under a broker to handle these legalities.

A real estate broker also has additional training that is advantageous in certain situations. They are more likely to know about certain issues like title disputes and zoning issues. As such, those who are looking at a more complex property may want to consider a real estate broker instead of a real estate agent.

Real estate broker versus real estate attorney

Although a broker can take care of the legalities of filing paperwork and help guide the parties through title or zoning issues, they do not represent the legal interests of either party. This is the role of a real estate attorney.