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Are Florida mortgages based on lien theory or title theory laws?

State laws can have a huge impact on the way residents are obligated to obey and uphold the law. While federal law does oversee many larger principles and regulations in our lives, many aren't aware that state law generally has a greater impact on the people who live in a certain state. In Florida, there is much legislation on a variety of topics, including residential real estate, and it impacts these transactions. Florida is considered a lien theory state, and that impacts the mortgage process for residential home buyers.

Could your next real estate transaction be handled in bitcoin?

If you haven't heard of the latest financial craze, you must have been living under a rock for the last several months. Maybe you've heard of bitcoin, but you aren't sure of what it is exactly. Beyond acting as an investment and a financial trading platform, bitcoin is beginning to be used to purchase things that are usually paid for in regular currency. This includes real estate, could your next real estate deal include bitcoin?

What should a buyer look for when buying a short sale property?

Some Florida homeowners unfortunately fall behind on their mortgage payments due to no fault of their own. Luckily, there is at least a short period where the homeowner still has possession of the home and can stop the foreclosure through a short sell. A short sale, is when the home sells for less than what is owed on the mortgage, usually to avoid foreclosure.

Contingencies and residential Fort Lauderdale real estate

If you are considering selling or buying some real estate, you may have questions about what to expect. All real estate deals are based around a contract and a transaction between buyer and seller. Each contract will have its own specifics that revolve around the intricacies of the deal. One aspect both buyer and seller often have questions about are contingencies of a sale or purchase of a residential real estate property.

The basics of zoning laws

Zoning laws are important to understand and can have a significant impact on a real estate project. In Florida and elsewhere, zoning laws are important to real estate transactions because they govern the use of land. Zoning laws are used to control and direct how property is developed and can impact a property owner's rights to use their property.

What can homeowner associations regulate?

If you are looking to buy a new home, there are lots of styles of homes to choose from these days. Whether you are looking for a condominium, a plot of land or even a nice family neighborhood, there are lots of options to suit just about any type of buyer. When looking for a home in a neighborhood, it's important to know that some neighborhoods, and other types of housing, are subject to homeowner association regulations. These regulations could impact the buyer greatly.

Real estate documents are important to real estate transactions

Having the right real estate documents, that have been negotiated effectively and drafted accurately and in compliance with relevant laws, can be essential to the success of a real estate project. A real estate contract includes the terms of the particular real estate transaction but also includes many other important concerns between the parties.

Why the real estate market is still strong in Florida

Although the last real estate bust almost a decade ago was not kind to many Florida residents, the real estate market has recovered significantly since then. There have been mixed reactions and comments about the current state of real estate in Florida and throughout the United States. But statistics do not lie.

Things to keep in mind while selling your home

Selling a home is not easy. Unless you are a professional or have experience selling houses in the past, it can seem like an incredibly intimidating endeavor. Making certain that you have all the appropriate and necessary paperwork is essential to making certain that your transition is smooth, legal and free of potentially damaging errors. Such errors could cause not only delays in processing a transaction, but could potentially cost you a substantial amount of money.

Identify potential risks when involved in a short sale

There is a common phrase we often hear throughout life: "If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is." While of course there are always exceptions to be made regarding any deal, it is still often the case. Take the "short sale," for example.

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