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Know before you buy: Condominium fees can change

Florida is known for its sunshine and beautiful weather. Unfortunately, part of Florida’s weather can also include devastating hurricanes. The damage caused by these storms can be severe and seriously damage structures in its path. To absorb those costs, condominium associations generally reserve funds through annual payments from condo owners. The board can then use these funds to cover the costs that result from the damage done by a hurricane or other severe weather.

Three things to know about Florida condo laws

A condominium can offer the perfect balance of comfort and privacy. Condominiums often have units with any number of amenities, which can include tennis courts, pools and access to golf. Those who own a condominium generally do not need to worry about the upkeep of the landscaping or the other amenities noted above.

Florida real estate trend: Jump in sales after natural disaster?

A recent publication by real estate experts reports an increase in real estate transactions in areas that were devastated by Hurricane Michael. The publication notes that during the first half of 2019 the market increased by 15.5%. That translates to over 2,000 homes sold in Bay County alone.

Millennials: Want to own property in Florida? Follow these tips.

Millennials face financial struggles that other generations did not. Student loans bog down millennials with massive debt while they attempt to navigate often saturated work markets. Those who find employment and are wise with their investments can still set themselves up to own property while in their thirties — even in Florida’s high cost housing market.

Florida real estate scam costs family $77,000

The moment a buyer closes on a home is a moment of celebration. Yes, a large amount of money is at stake. But, if done correctly, at the end of the transaction the buyer walks away with a property of their own — and possibly at least partially the bank’s if the buyer got a mortgage.

The pros and cons of FSBO

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) real estate transactions provide a prospective seller with the opportunity to sell their home on their own terms, but is this type of sale right for you? The following will delve into some of the pros and cons of a FSBO real estate deal.

Documents commonly used for residential closings in Florida

Although each closing will be unique to the transaction, almost every property sale in Florida will begin with a Purchase and Sale Agreement. This document begins the closing process. It can contain many provisions, including details about when the buyer could take possession of the property, zoning regulations and information about the title.

How has Florida's new beach law effected beach use?

A new Florida law restricts beach access. Supporters of the law explain it does not change beach access in most communities. They claim the law will mostly impact communities that passed local ordinances to open access to private lands.

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