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Residential development continues unfazed in South Florida

Real estate in South Florida is a hot commodity, in no small part evidenced by the ever-present residential development throughout the local area. Many of our readers have probably seen for themselves the rising condo towers that seemingly get nearer and nearer to completion every day. The sheer amount of condo units to be constructed, however, may shock anyone interested in residential property in South Florida.

Will South Florida home prices be reined in this year?

Most of our readers know that 2013 was a heck of a year for residential real estate in South Florida. Dozens of condo towers are under construction throughout Broward County, Palm Beach County and Miami-Dade County, the sales prices for single-family homes continued to rise almost non-stop throughout the year and many sellers even saw bidding wars for the most desirable properties. It would be hard to blame anyone who expects more of the same in 2014. However, a recent article suggested that some figures may see slower growth in the new year.

South Florida draws both foreign and domestic buyers

Some of our readers may have heard by now that the resurgence of the residential real estate market in South Florida has been helped a great deal by foreign investors. It's not difficult to see why someone would be interested in investing in residential property in the local area, with the warm weather and engaging cultural scene. However, a recent report has indicated that U.S. residents are also buying heavily in the South Florida market, particularly in Miami-Dade County.

More homes could be sold in Florida in 2014

The world of residential real estate is changing rapidly in Florida and around the country. Since the housing bubble burst in 2008, many homeowners have been in a difficult situation. Many have been unable to sell their homes as they fight to make their mortgage payments. Floridians struggled with sinking home values, decreased interest from buyers and a larger number of houses on the market.

Inventory drops despite residential development

Many South Florida residents wade into the residential real estate market very carefully, ever mindful of the wide variety of complications that could pop up, from title issues, lack of disclosure and negotiating contract terms. But, one thing is clear: these issues are not stopping buyers from doing their best with what is available in the local real estate market.

More good news - and bad news? - for South Florida market

By now our South Florida readers are used to seeing a constant stream of good news about the local residential real estate market. It probably seems like it has been months since anyone had anything negative to say about residential property in South Florida. That could be changing, however, as a recent report indicated that the data from the month of October showed a bit of a slowdown in some areas.

Has the South Florida market bounced too high for average buyers?

When home buyers in South Florida finally reach acceptable contract terms on real estate agreements, it can be exciting. Some buyers look for months for the perfect piece of residential property to call home, and when they find it all of the effort seems to be well worth it.

Prices are jumping by double-digit percentages in South Florida

For most of the rest of the country the summer months represent the prime buying time for residential real estate. It really isn't that hard to see why, since most other states have to deal with changing weather in a way that South Florida doesn't have to worry about. As a result, people are more likely to spend time driving from house to house in the summer months, as they try to gauge which new home would serve their family best. The strange thing is, however, that the summer months seem to have been great for South Florida real estate just the same.

Residential development begins to show results

Many of our South Florida readers have probably noticed an increase in the construction of residential property in the local area over the last few years. When investors saw what they perceived to be the last of the hardest times of the housing market and the start of a rebound, it seems like they could not sign off fast enough on land development deals. Now, according to a recent article, Palm Beach County is seeing one of the early projects reach completion.

How well is the South Florida real estate market recovering?

Anyone who has seen most of the previous posts here for the last several months knows that the South Florida residential real estate market is a lot like the weather - hot and only getting hotter. Residential development is basically in full swing, especially in the condo market, as builders attempt to capitalize on the incredibly strong demand in the local area. But, although most reports indicate that it is all "sunshine and roses" in South Florida real estate - especially for sellers - a recent article detailed just how far the market may have to go to get back to where home values were before the housing "bubble" burst.

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