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Huge real estate deal involves approximately 400,000 acres

Most people probably think that the largest areas of land for sale are located in the western parts of the United States. A recent real estate transaction in Florida transaction in Florida, however, may change that notion for many of our readers.

Will scales begin to tip in favor of prospective buyers soon?

When a prospective buyer in South Florida is getting ready to make a real estate purchase, there are many different issues to confront. From negotiating terms of sale to investigating title insurance - and then actually attending the real estate closing - buyers have enough of their plates. But some of our readers probably know by now that buyers in the local area have another big problem: sellers are in control of the market right now.

Are "flippers" looking elsewhere for investment real estate?

Most South Florida residents are probably familiar with the investment technique known as "flipping." These types of real estate transactions involve a prospective buyer looking to purchase a property for a lower-than-average price, with the buyer then fixing up the property and selling it for a profit. This type of arrangement was very popular throughout many different real estate markets before the housing bubble "burst" several years ago, and since some areas have rebounded in recent years interest has regenerated in certain areas. However, according to a recent article, South Florida has been seeing fewer "flippers" as property values in the local area have increased.

Real estate responsible for sharp increase in economic growth

People have flocked to South Florida for years because of the beautiful weather, an excellent cultural mix and, of course, the nightlife. But, according to a recent report, there may now be yet another reason for people to be attracted to the South Florida area: economic growth.

Good news for real estate buyers - more inventory available

Many prospective buyers in South Florida have found themselves in the following scenario in recent months: they have found the house of their dreams, they're ready to put in an offer and then they find out that there are already several other offers on the home. After years of doom and gloom in the national real estate market, South Florida became a hotspot for real estate transactions over the last several months - one of few in the country. However, inventory of residential property in the area, by national average standards, has been pitifully low. Sales prices have shot up increasingly as well. The result has been the scenario outlined above: bidding wars.

Keep smiling, South Florida - The market is as hot as ever

Shocking news for our regular South Florida readers: the residential real estate market shows no signs of slowing, with a recent report showing a double-digit jump in both prices and sales in at least two local counties. Prices have been rising for quite a while, so it should be no surprise that an increase in real estate transactions is continuing to push numbers higher.

Is the foreclosure rate a bad sign for South Florida real estate?

Many experts are saying that the recovery of South Florida's housing market is in full swing. Real estate transactions are taking place at a healthy pace - often in all cash deals - and home values are increasing month after month. But it appears that there is another part of the real estate sector that is also seeing increases: foreclosures.

Afraid of the next housing "bubble" in South Florida?

Many of our South Florida readers who keep their ears to the ground listening for real estate transaction news may be hearing the beginnings of a dreadfully fearful word: "bubble." After all, it was the "bursting of the real estate bubble" several years ago that led to the beginning of the near-constant state of America's moribund economy. For months now South Florida residents have seen news of soaring real estate values in the area, as well as tales of bidding wars that a couple of years ago would have been laughable. Now, the watch for the next "bubble" has begun. But, to hear it from a recent article, there may not be anything to worry about - yet.

Real estate figures in South Florida remain healthy

Anyone looking for storm clouds to gather over the South Florida real estate market any time soon will apparently be waiting for quite a while. According to a recent report, the March home values in the region were 11 percent higher than in March of 2012. March was the last month data was available from the Case-Shiller real estate index, and the increase was reportedly the 15th straight month of gains.

Thank you flippers? The old real estate investment idea is back

Most of our South Florida readers have probably heard the term "flippers." No, it doesn't refer to the fins of the dolphins swimming off the coast, but instead to investors who purchase real estate intending to renovate and update the property, and then sell it for a profit. Thousands of these types of real estate transactions occurred in the years leading up to the bursting of the housing bubble, and some lay part of the blame for that fiasco at the feet of flippers. However, according to a recent article, it is those very types of investors who are now adding the recovery of the South Florida real estate market.

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