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Investment group looks to big residential development in Florida

As interest in the South Florida housing markets continues to ramp up, news has come out that an investment group may be looking to make some substantial purchases in the area. According to the report, Vulcan Investment Partners LLC will purchase approximately 1,200 homes in the South Florida region - homes which were either repossessed or foreclosed on. The residential property purchases could total up to $150 million.

Condos looking to surge as residential development heats up

Even as recent numbers are indicating that the national housing market may be coming back to life, more activity continues in South Florida. Plenty of our previous posts have detailed how the South Florida area is an unusually hot spot among an otherwise downtrodden national real estate market, but it looks like the local area may be in line to get even hotter. According to reports, there are numerous condo construction plans being drawn up, which could have a significant impact on residential real estate in Broward County and the surrounding counties.

Florida housing transactions may signal national recovery

South Florida residents who are familiar with many of our previous posts know that the housing market news for Broward County and surrounding areas has been particular good for the last several months. Home values are rising, along with monthly sales figures. The South Florida area, however, is blessed with many wonderful features, including an almost always sunny weather forecast, beautiful ocean scenery and proximity to some of the hottest entertainment centers in the United States. The rest of the country does not have the good fortune to have these qualities. So, is residential real estate only hot in South Florida, or is the rest of the country beginning to heat up?

Home sales rise while prices fall nationwide

For most Americans, especially here in Florida, the data concerning residential real estate can be particularly impactful. So, when a recent report says that the number of new home sales rose in July but prices fell, what is someone interested in the South Florida real estate market supposed to make of that data?

When will the Broward County real estate market "level off"?

Broward County residents have been getting mostly good news about the real estate market for months, so many people were probably expecting at least a shade of a warning sign at some point. The warning, if it could be called that, comes from the authoritative residential real estate website, whose chief economist has predicted that the market for residential property in Broward County is likely to "level off."

South Florida heat wave continues -- condo market getting hot

The South Florida condo market has not experienced the same mini-boom that the single-family homes market has lately. Condo sales in the area have for the most part been in line with the ongoing residential real estate malaise that the rest of the country is enduring. However, recent reports indicate that the condo business is also set for a rebound, as growth was reported in the second quarter of 2012.

Compared to the rest of the nation, Broward County looks great

Any of our readers who are familiar with our previous posts probably know that South Florida -- and in particular Broward County -- is an area of the country that is currently an exception among other downtrodden real estate markets. While statistics for the housing market nationwide continue to show stagnation, most of the figures pertaining to the South Florida housing market are showing a relatively robust rebound.

Broward County continues real estate hot streak

If you are a Broward County resident who is familiar with our previous posts, then you know that the residential real estate market in South Florida is getting pretty hot compared to recent years. Many previous posts have noted how the overall negative real estate malaise that is affecting most of the country is turning a bit brighter when it comes to places like Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward. As it turns out, the trend appears to be continuing.

South Florida is once again an exception to national trends

Broward County residents thinking of entering the residential real estate market have probably heard about home prices dropping throughout the nation in February, the latest month for which numbers have been reported. February marked the sixth straight month of home price declines.

What does 'shadow inventory' mean for Florida buyers?

South Florida residents may have heard the term "shadow inventory" creeping into conversations more frequently in recent months. The term refers to the foreclosed homes that remain on the real estate market to be sold at a discounted price. Shadow inventory is good for buyers and bad for sellers.

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