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What are key ideas to understand when pursuing a mortgage?

If you are hoping to be a new homeowner, you may feel like you are in uncharted territory. Even for those who have been through the mortgage process before, each property and situation is different and may require different things of the parties involved. Speaking of parties involved, there are traditionally two parties involved in the process, the person looking to get a mortgage: a borrower, and the entity lending the money: a lender. Most people do not pay cash in full for their house, so most will need to get approved on a mortgage in order to own the home of their dreams.

A lender has a lien on my property - what does that mean?

Typically, a person entering an agreement to purchase a home or other piece of real estate will need to secure a loan to help finance the purchase. A loan, of course, provides the necessary money to buy the property if the buyer is only able to pay a portion up front. However, entering into a mortgage agreement with a lender creates some important legal rights for the lender in case of default or a sale.

Loan modification an option for those struggling with mortgage

When it comes to the larger purchases and decisions in your life, none is much larger than the decision to buy a home. What this requires of you financially, and what it might mean emotionally for the buyer and other loved ones, is enormous. However, over the course of a mortgage financial situations may fluctuate, or an event may happen that greatly affects one's finances. This is when Fort Lauderdale resident may look for another option, like loan modification.

Florida borrowers struggle with mortgages after hurricane

Broward County residents, like others throughout Florida and the southeastern United States, have been hit particularly hard during the Atlantic hurricane season of 2017. Those who own property in Florida, a recent report found, are now having difficulties with their mortgage payments.

Understand the home mortgage agreement

Making the decision to buy a home is an exciting one. Whether you are buying your first home or you have been through the process in another home sale, no two experiences will be exactly the same. Most people opt for a mortgage, also known as a home loan, to finance the purchase. Understanding who might finance that loan and what to look out for while going through this process is crucial to achieving a favorable mortgage agreement.

Some tips to consider when dealing with a mortgage, part 2

Last week a post here covered some tips to keep in mind when purchasing a home and obtaining a mortgage. Purchasing a home can appear to be a daunting task, but it does not have to be. If you make your decisions one at a time, with foresight and a strong knowledge and understanding, you will be on the road to success.

Some tips to consider when dealing with a mortgage, part 1

One of the most exciting times in a person's life is when an individual or family decides to purchase a new home. Since few Americans are able to pay upfront in full for a home, it is not uncommon to sign a mortgage. Although this transaction may appear to be stressful and does come with a large commitment, there are several things you can consider to make certain that your decisions are sound and wise and in your best interests.

Florida real estate market's recovery spotty at best

The residents and business owners in Broward County, Florida, remember the boom times of the late 2000s and the catastrophic economic crash that started in late 2008. The crash caused a financial fallout which rippled through all of the Florida economy and, in particular, affected real estate values.

What is a deed in lieu of foreclosure?

When a Fort Lauderdale resident has been refused a short sale or denied a loan modification and is underwater on his or her mortgage, they may consider a deed in lieu of foreclosure. This is a document that transfers title from the homeowners to the bank that holds the mortgage. The homeowner has to sign the document and it has to be notarized by a notary public.

South Florida residents pay quite a bit for mortgage payments

When potential homebuyers are getting ready to submit an application for a mortgage, most experts note that these individuals should devote no more than a certain percentage of their income to mortgage payments. For instance, for years, the rule was 20 percent: no more than 20 percent of a homeowner's monthly income should be devoted to the monthly mortgage payment. So, are South Florida residents following this rule?

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