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Foreclosure rate may be a sign of things to come in Florida

Anyone who has been a property owner in South Florida over the last 10 years or so has probably felt like they have been on quite a roller coaster. First, when the real estate "bubble" burst a few years back, home values plummeted to levels no one would have expected. It has been a long, slow climb back from those dark days, but most of the reports about the local real estate market over the last couple of years have been positive. Another recent report will add to that trend.

Is your mortgage plan looking better or worse?

Back when the housing bubble burst a few years ago, billions of dollars of home equity was lost by millions of homeowners throughout the country. Florida in particular saw home values plummet drastically, and there is still a long way to go before values return to pre-bubble figures - if they ever do. Nonetheless, there is a strong housing recovery taking place in South Florida, even if we are years from a return to relative stability. However, the local market is still dealing with the aftershocks of that bubble bursting, with many homes in South Florida still "underwater."

Former University of Miami football star beats foreclosure

Many Florida residents know what it is like to have trouble staying on top of a mortgage plan. When people enter into a mortgage agreement, they rarely do so with thoughts of future trouble in trying to make the monthly mortgage payments. But, for whatever reason, be it the sudden loss of a job or another significant change in income, sometimes life changes result in a need to reassess the ability to make those payments.

When foreclosures and short sales are down sellers control market

When the housing bubble burst in America a few years back, it was one of the greatest losses of wealth the country had ever experienced. For some Florida residents, all of the mortgage payments they had made for years - building equity in what many people considered to be the safest investment of all - suddenly seemed to have been for nothing. It was a rough time for millions of homeowners throughout the country, but Florida was hit especially hard.

Property value increases lead to decrease in underwater mortgages

For months now our South Florida readers have been seeing the positive news about the rebounding home values and purchases prices on residential real estate throughout the local area. While most of the focus has been on what this means for potential buyers and sellers in the market, a recent report detailed some of what this means for those homeowners who aren't in the market for property and who are instead simply trying to make the monthly mortgage payment.

With foreclosure behind them, former homeowners look to rebound

Over the last several years there have been far too many Americans who have had to experience the uncertainty and flat-out fear associated with foreclosure. Florida residents are especially familiar with this problem, as the state was one of the hardest hit by the housing bubble "bursting." Despite occasional reports about economic bright spots, both in Florida and nationwide, there really hasn't been all that much good news for American workers and homeowners lately. However, with the South Florida housing market on the rebound and Florida residents overall trying to bounce back themselves, every little bit of good news can help.

Are delinquent payments still a problem in South Florida?

Amid the continuous stream of positive reports concerning the South Florida real estate market, it can be hard to remember that there are still millions of people in America who are facing problems dealing with foreclosure and delinquent payments. According to a recent report, however, this problem may hit closer to home than many of our readers realize.

Foreclosure data shows big decrease in number of filings

Anyone who has ever missed a mortgage payment knows the fear of foreclosure. Thinking that the family home could be lost because of an inability to make payments on time can cause a high level of stress. But, unfortunately for millions of families throughout the country, and especially in Florida, the economic problems of recent years have forced many to actually see a foreclosure action carried out to completion. This nearly brought the American economy to its knees.

Florida borrowers of all stripes face difficulties with mortgages

For months our South Florida readers have probably gotten used to seeing nothing but good news about the residential real estate market in the local area. Indeed, there has hardly been a month where the real estate data and figures gave anyone involved in the real estate market a reason to pause and think about any negative factors to consider. But, on the other hand, many of our readers probably also know that Florida was one of the states that was hit the hardest by the bursting of the so-called housing "bubble." So, perhaps it should come as no surprise that foreclosure actions are still a problem throughout the state - including in South Florida.

Cash sales are everywhere, but what role does foreclosure play?

Anyone familiar with many of our previous posts knows that the South Florida real estate market is presenting both property buyers and sellers with unique positions. Unlike many areas in the country, the South Florida market is red-hot and seemingly only getting hotter by the day. But is there any downside to the feeding frenzy that seems to have engulfed property in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County? According to a recent report, there just might be.

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