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Office buildings, warehouses are attainable commercial properties

When visualizing the ideal commercial property for your business, what comes to mind? Of course, that depends on the business one is engaged in and also based on the needs of the business, both current and future needs. A commercial real estate deal could be in the cards for your business. If you are thinking about moving your business into a different space, or thinking about making the jump from renting to owning, there may be a way to make your company's dreams a reality.

Fort Lauderdale top place for real estate investment, says study

Real estate trends ebb and flow as they do in any financial market. Supply and demand both play big factors in real estate availability, pricing and desirability. Since trends by definition, come and go, there may be more attractive times to buy or sell in the real estate market. According to a recent study, Fort Lauderdale is sixth in the nation for investable real estate, both residential and commercial real estate.

Capital gains and the sale of a Florida commercial property

When the normal person thinks about making money, they think about traditional income streams like wages, tips and other compensation. But there is another way to make money. The sale of a Florida business property or other commercial real estate could result in a profit. This type of income is difference from wage-related compensation and should be treated differently.

No surprises wanted at commercial real estate closing

Whether buying or selling commercial real estate, both parties want the process to go as smooth as possible. Little snags in the negotiation process or inspection of the property could cause delays. Some delays are avoidable and other times they aren't. Understanding how to prevent, predict and also handle the bumps in the process is part of planning and executing the sale or purchase of commercial real estate.

Joint venture to produce commercial property in Fort Lauderdale

A joint-venture is moving full-steam ahead in Fort Lauderdale's marina district to serve as a place to host commercial tenants. The scope of this project is rather large and involves three companies in a joint-venture deal. The companies are based both locally and nationally, and together they hope to bring revenue to the area with their approval for a $16.6 million construction loan. This project came about after the property was re-zoned for commercial use.

What is the difference between a short sale and a foreclosure?

If your business is looking to expand for the first time, you may never have paid attention to the buying process before. There are terms associated with different types of sales and they are in place in hopes of making note of important differences in different types of commercial property sales. While they aren't as common as residential homes, some commercial properties for sale are "short sales" or "foreclosures."

How we can help with your commercial title work

One of the important steps of a commercial real estate transaction in Florida is ensuring that the person or business buying or building the property has what is called "clean title" to the property. In a nutshell, clean title means the one who buys the land does so without having to worry about the claims of another party, including other purported owners, holders of easements and lenders or creditors with unsatisfied liens on the property.

Should I invest in commercial real estate or residential?

When Florida residents think of real estate, they think of buying a home to live in or shop to run. However, for many people, real estate is an investment, whether it is a residential real estate or commercial real estate. In fact, many people may already be investing in residential real estate, but adding commercial to the portfolio can help balance it out. However, there are some differences between the two types of real estate to keep in mind when making decisions to invest or not.

Financing commercial real estate may be getting more difficult

Businesses and investors alike often find themselves in the commercial real estate market. For businesses in South Florida, the commercial property will be used as retail locations, office buildings and warehouses, among other uses. Expanding companies need space for their staff and inventory, as well as a place to sell their goods and services. Investors, on the other hand, usually buy commercial real estate in order to turn around and sell it off for a profit. They might keep their eye on an area with growth potential for years, hanging on to a piece of property in order to sell it at just the right time to maximize profits. But, for companies and investors, making a purchase of commercial real estate may be getting more difficult.

Covering all of the details in the sale of commercial real estate

Businesses and investors have all kinds of assets to track. Among the most important assets they own is commercial real estate. In South Florida, commercial property can be a valuable commodity, from office buildings to warehouses to retail locations. The local area is growing, and both residential and commercial property can be valuable assets in the current market.

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