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Is commercial real estate catching up to residential real estate?

Our readers may have seen several of our previous posts here that examine the differences between the commercial real estate market and the residential real estate market. In South Florida in particular, the differences have been stark for the last several years. Since the depths of the housing crisis nine years ago, the residential real estate market in South Florida has, for the most part, rebounded nicely. The commercial real estate market, on the other hand, has lagged behind. But, is the market for commercial property finally catching up to the residential market?

Will South Florida see an increase in the mix of real estate use?

It is common for many people in South Florida who are involved in the real estate market to think of residential property and commercial property completely separately. After all, a person who is looking for a new home probably isn't too worried about the values and uses of nearby commercial real estate, and vice versa, right? Well, according to a recent news story, that separate thinking may be coming to an end.

Can Florida residents view commercial property as an investment?

When South Florida readers think about real estate, they probably envision property that they purchase to make their own. Whether it is a new home or piece of commercial property that will be used for business operations, both residential and commercial buyers are usually approaching the real estate market with this frame of mind. However, can Florida residents get into the commercial real estate market with investment in mind?

Taxes and escrow funds among concerns in commercial real estate

When a business owner in South Florida is making a move toward purchasing commercial real estate, there can seem to be an endless flood of issues and problems. However, that does not always have to be the case. If a real estate transaction for commercial property is conducted properly, the buyer may actually experience quite a smooth process. Whether it is the purchase of an office building, industrial property or a retail location, many buyers will encounter issues related to taxes and escrow funds no matter how smooth the purchase is.

Zoning must be considered when purchasing commercial property

Commercial entities in South Florida, whether they are retailers, wholesalers or manufacturers, deal with all types of individuals and companies in the pursuit of making a profit. Many will enter into contracts with distributors and service vendors, and others will engage marketing firms to maximize their exposure and learn more about their customer base. But, how many business leaders consider that they may need to work with government entities, especially when they are considering an investment in commercial property?

Is it better for a business to rent or buy an office building?

There are many companies that have made the decision to make South Florida the location for their headquarters and other important facilities. There are a variety of reasons why a company would make this decision. South Florida has major urban locations that provide relatively easy access to South America, among other trade markets. In addition, many people in the workforce in South Florida are well-educated and resourceful. Moreover, the pleasant climate in South Florida may just be enough to recruit the right workers.

South Florida experiencing hot market for retail property

Many of our previous posts here have covered the relatively good news that usually comes out of the South Florida residential real estate market, but it seems that the commercial real estate market is beginning to see some good news as well. Not only are more companies making the decision to set up headquarters in the South Florida area, a recent report indicates that retail commercial property is also experiencing quite a resurgence.

Steps to take when choosing commercial real estate -- Part II

In Part I of this two-part series, we took a look at several important steps a buyer in Florida will likely want to take when choosing commercial real estate. The first steps included being prepared to examine any potential sites upon an initial visit, looking over the site for any access or convenience concerns, as well as potential defects or security issues. Here, in Part II, we will look at the next steps.

10 steps when choosing commercial real estate -- Part I

Buyers in South Florida who are in the market for commercial property can range from small startup businesses to huge international conglomerates. They can be in the market for retail space, office buildings, warehouses or industrial property. In many cases, buyers of commercial real estate will probably want to make sure that they take certain steps to ensure that they find the right piece of property and get the best deal. Here, in Part I of a two-part series, we will begin to look at the 10 steps buyers will want to keep in mind when choosing and purchasing commercial real estate.

Energy concerns in commercial real estate and industrial property

These days, if Fort Lauderdale residents aren't hearing about energy sector concerns and the environment on a daily basis, they probably aren't paying close attention to the 24-hour news cycle. Making homes, office buildings and other commercial and industrial properties more energy efficient is a big part of the economy. Advances in technology and increased concerns about the environment and climate change have prompted many businesses to look into the possibilities of making their properties more green and eco-friendly.

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