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Florida commercial property recovering

Floridians who are familiar with previous posts know that it is taking a bit longer for the commercial real estate market in South Florida to bounce back than it is for the residential real estate market. While home values throughout the local market have been on the rebound for a year or more, commercial property has not been quite as hot. That may be beginning to change.

Condos, office buildings and retail locations coming to Omni area

Part of the appeal of investing in real estate, both residential and commercial, is the patience that is involved. Real estate, unlike the stock market or other investments, doesn't usually fluctuate as quickly - or as wildly. And, if an investor has a good eye for when and how a particular area may develop or change in the future, getting in on the "ground floor" can pay big dividends in the long run.

What should businesses know about buying commercial property?

Most companies start out by leasing commercial property for their business operations. But, if profits go up and the company is starting to look like a success, some businesses may begin to think about purchasing commercial real estate instead. It's the old "rent vs. buy" situation, and many companies often come to the conclusion that it is simply a better investment, or more cost effective, to own the property where they conduct business.

Office buildings filling up in South Florida

Financial difficulties can force many companies from all kinds of business sectors to make tough choices in regards to their balance sheets. Throughout the economic downturn of recent years, this has meant that more companies are comfortable standing pat in their current office buildings, regardless of space concerns, because traditionally it has been a very expensive proposition to relocate a company's headquarters or a main office hub. When profit begins to shrink, moving into updated facilities is usually the last consideration in the minds of company decision makers.

Office building values may see a lift as companies relocate

Most of our South Florida readers already know that the local area is a great place to live. But, according to a recent article, it appears that South Florida is also quickly becoming known as a great place to set up shop as well.

South Florida conference focuses on commercial real estate

Some of our South Florida readers may know that major metropolitan areas across the country are vying day and night to host conventions and symposiums held by trade associations, advocacy groups or sports organizations. These events bring much-need revenue to cities throughout America. But sometimes an organization will select a certain city to highlight that area's contribution to their overall goal. It appears that was a major factor for a recent event in Miami, the annual conference of the Global Diversity Summit.

Businesses eying retail or office buildings may need to move fast

With all the talk about the red-hot South Florida residential real estate market our readers would probably expect to see commercial property, like office buildings and retail centers, filling up with tenants. A recent report noted that Palm Beach County alone has nearly 29.6 million square feet in commercial real estate, but anyone who thinks that this type of property may be too hot to handle may want to think again.

All types of South Florida property are getting popular

As the residential real estate market in South Florida continues an unbroken streak of good months, most of our readers would probably expect to see more office buildings and retail locations filling up with tenants. After all, it goes without saying that where there's paying customers to be found a company will usually try to get a foothold in that area. So, is commercial real estate in South Florida beginning to reflect some of the positive news coming out of the residential side of things? A recent report suggests that just might be the case.

Keeping an eye on office buildings, warehouses and retail space

Although there has been a tremendous change in the South Florida real estate market over the last couple of years, many of our readers may not realize that commercial real estate has been playing catch-up to the residential market. For years office buildings, warehouses and retail space have been fairly cheap to come by, with many areas simply sitting empty for long stretches of time. However, according to a recent report, the commercial property market appears to be bouncing back.

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