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Can a home inspection make a real estate sale fall through?

South Florida residents who are familiar with previous posts here know that there are quite a few details to take care of throughout the course of a real estate transaction. There is no shortage of information that is available to help those who are involved in a real estate sale -- either as a prospective buyer or seller -- so it is important to take care of each detail on a step-by-step basis. However, there is one step in the process that can be overlooked as minor or "routine" -- the home inspection.

How a contractor can file a lien on your South Florida property

Many South Florida residents purchase a home that they know will need some work. The condition of the home may even be a major part of the initial real estate sale, with the home labeled "as is" for prospective buyers. Anyone willing to enter into a real estate transaction while fully aware of the issues that need to be addressed will likely move quickly to hire contractors to complete the work.

Buyers need to be prepared at a real estate closing

In most real estate transactions both sides - buyer and seller - probably feel like they are doing a good job of securing a deal that is best for them. Not that either side is trying to "pull one over" on the other - just that both parties are using whatever leverage they have to secure their position in the real estate sale. But, as a recent post here noted, the South Florida real estate market is, and has been for some time, mostly a "seller's market." As a result, prospective buyers in South Florida need to be aware of how to best negotiate a sales contract, and then carry the deal through to the real estate closing.

How will your neighbors use their real estate?

Of all the wide variety of factors that go into a real estate transaction between a buyer and seller, probably the one "X" factor is the people who own the adjacent properties. After all, a prospective buyer in South Florida may be able to do all the research they want about the home itself, the commercial opportunities in the vicinity and the local schools, but they can't necessarily do a background check on the people who will come to be their neighbors after the real estate transaction is complete.

The steps for a buyer in a "for sale by owner" deal - Part II

In the first part of this multi-part series, we began to take a look at some of the first steps a buyer will likely need to consider as part of a "for sale by owner" transaction. These types of real estate transactions can save both buyers and sellers time and money, as long as they take the right steps.

The steps for a buyer in a "for sale by owner" deal - Part I

Some of our South Florida readers may have followed a previous multi-part series here that focused on the important steps that sellers should follow if they are entering into a for sale by owner situation with their home. Now it is time to examine the steps that a prospective buyer will want to pay attention to in this type of situation, starting with Part I of this two-part series.

What tips are important for real estate sellers? - Part III

In the first two posts of this multi-part series, we took a look at many different tips that can help home sellers close the deal and complete a real estate sale. In this third and final part, we will examine a few more steps that home sellers can take to successfully close a real estate transaction.

What is important for real estate sellers? -- Part II

Most Floridians who decide to sell their home face challenges in that effort. In Part I of this multi-part series, we took a look at some of the best ways to make sure that the seller makes the home as attractive as possible for prospective buyers, who start their search for a new home first and foremost on the Internet. Now, in Part II, we will continue to look at a few more tips that can help a seller close a real estate transaction.

What tips are important for real estate sellers? - Part I

Making the decision to sell your home can be a big financial step. Most people sell their homes when they are ready to upgrade to another home, or perhaps when they need to relocate. But, as most of our South Florida readers probably realize, there is more to the home-selling process than just posting a listing online. In Part I of a multi-part series, we will take a look at some tips sellers might want to consider upon making the decision to sell their home.

The right documents - and guidance - crucial to real estate deals

In a residential real estate deal, a prospective buyer can get distracted by how exciting it can be to move into a new home. The same excitement can also pop up in a commercial real estate deal, when a Florida business owner has just secured a new location for their business or a new office building for the company's headquarters. There is no doubt about it: taking over ownership of a piece of property in real estate transactions can be a thrill.

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