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3 ways an attorney can help when selling property in Florida

Sellers may believe a real estate transaction is essentially complete once they accept a buyer’s offer. Unfortunately, obstacles can present themselves between the time of the accepted offer and the end of the closing meeting that result in significant delays or even termination of the deal.

Walton County Commission fights for customary use of beaches

The panhandle of Florida is known for its pristine beaches and emerald coastline. Vacationers and property owners alike enjoy these beautiful beaches. Many pay a premium to stay at resorts along this coastline or own private property in the area.

Real estate disputes and procuring cause

Real estate disputes can arise for many reasons. One example involves the question of commission. Real estate agents that partake in the buying or selling of a property can receive a commission as stated within their contract. Although this seems like a fairly straightforward matter, there are situations when a real estate agent’s “assistance” in the transaction is a bit of a grey area.

Florida brokers and escrow accounts: 3 FAQs

The rules and regulations governing the expectations of real estate brokers in Florida are complex. Although resolution of a dispute depends on the details of the case, the following general information is beneficial for most brokers in the state:

Buying or selling property in 2019? Tips to avoid a dispute.

Looking to purchase or sell residential or commercial property in Florida in 2019? Before closing on a transaction, it is wise to take some basic steps to protect your interests. The following tips can help protect you from becoming the victim of a real estate dispute:

When a river’s path changes, do ownership rights follow suit?

Florida is known for its waterfront property. Those who are interested in real estate that includes river front property may notice that, over time, the river’s bed moves. This likely triggers questions about property rights. Namely, when the river’s bed moves, do property rights change? This is one question to discuss with an attorney before purchasing real estate in Florida that contains riverfront property.

What happens when FL city planners and developers disagree?

City planners and developers often want the same thing … except when they do not. While both parties may want to improve the city, it is not uncommon for the two to disagree on what will achieve this goal. A recent case provides an example. The case involves a group of city planners that took issue with a developer that was attempting to develop a senior living project. The project was set to take 0.6 acres of prime downtown property and convert it into a unique project that included living spaces, personalized programs and vibrant amenities for senior citizens.

Issues that lead to real estate litigation

Real estate disputes can be caused by a range of problems, some of which are very easy to fix and others that require litigation to solve. Depending on the dispute, you very well could find yourself sitting face-to-face with the other party in a courtroom because you've exhausted all other options. Let's take a look at the issues that can lead to real estate litigation when involved in a dispute.

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