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Fisher Island condo sold after legal dispute involving buyer

A condo on Fisher Island was recently sold after a previous legal dispute involving the buyer was resolved. The condo on Fisher Island was purchased for $6.44 million by a Mexican billionaire. The unit, which is part of Bayview at Fisher Island was purchased through the Antarctica International entity.

Disclosures needed when selling your home

Are you getting ready to list your home on the market in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? You likely have heard that there are some items that you need to disclose to potential buyers when making the sale. These disclosures are very important and shouldn't be skipped over or else you might find yourself in the middle of a real estate dispute.

Why should I have an attorney with me at closing?

If you are preparing to buy or sell a home in Fort Lauderdale, there are quite a few reasons why you need a real estate attorney at the closing. Not only is closing an exciting day, it's also a stressful day. You will be signing a ton of paperwork. You could also run into some real estate disputes about the property. So, why should you have an attorney at closing? Let's take a look at some reasons in this post.

Issues that can occur during the closing on a home purchase

Buying a home in Florida is the goal of many Americans for various reasons. Some people want to retire in Florida. Others want to move to the Sunshine State and start a family, allowing their children the opportunity to grow up in a warmer climate. Whatever your reason, the closing process of buying a home might not always go smoothly. There are some issues that can arise when trying to close on the purchase of a home in Fort Lauderdale.

Important must-haves in a real estate contract

Drafting a real estate contract takes experience and a lot of knowledge. The right contract will be able to protect you from plenty of legal issues. No contract is perfect, though, and you should prepare for issues to crop up at anytime. If you want to avoid as many disputes as possible, you need to include the must-have conditions for any real estate contract.

Home sale contracts protect against real estate dispute

Purchasing property, like residential property, can be an exciting time for the buyer. There are different types of home sale contracts, depending on the type of home. There are several options for financing and many types of homes. There could be multiple contracts at stake, for instance, contracts with the home builder and a contract outlining financing with the lending institution.

The role of title insurance in real estate disputes

Although some buyers might not think much about it when they are buying a piece of property, most residents of Fort Lauderdale and investors in the Broward County economy probably own a title insurance policy. This insurance is typically purchased at the time someone close on a piece of real estate. Many times, a family must purchase title insurance in order to get a mortgage.

Seek a favorable outcome when involved in a real estate dispute

Trying to mitigate a dispute in which two or more parties are in disagreement on an issue can be tough. Sometimes there is a way to come together and find some middle ground. However, some situations, like many real estate disputes, can feel like a have-or-have-not outcome is brewing. In situations where a real estate dispute is happening, remember that a favorable outcome is often the one worth fighting for.

Helping you protect your rights during a real estate dispute

Whether you are purchasing a house, selling your home or acquiring a commercial building, real estate transactions occur on a daily basis in Florida. These are major transactions carried out through selling or purchasing agreements. There are many steps in the process, and errors could enter it. Real estate transactions are contracts between a buyer and a seller, and if there is a breach in this contract a real estate dispute could arise.

What if a seller does not transfer clean title to me?

When many Fort Lauderdale residents think of a real estate dispute, they usually think of issues related to what are technically called "improvements" to real estate. For instance, a buyer might think about suing the seller of a home if it turns out the seller did not tell them about a leaky roof or a serious plumbing issue the seller knew about.

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