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We can help with tense and important negotiations

A previous post on this blog discussed how not all real estate disputes in Fort Lauderdale wind up in a courtroom. Many times, a lawsuit or potential lawsuit gets settled long before a trial either through informal talks or something more formal, like arbitration or mediation.

Are commercial leases negotiable?

Like any other contract, business owners in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, are allowed to negotiate their commercial leases. In fact, negotiation is often something a prospective landlord expects, which means the first lease proposal or draft contract should be read more as a wish list of what a lease would look like to the landlord if they had everything they wanted.

The doctrine of 'caveat emptor' in Florida

Many real estate disputes start when a buyer realizes that the property they thought they were buying doesn't meet their expectations. It is particularly frustrating when a person was counting on using a piece of property in their business, and it turns out that the property has a serious defect like bad plumbing or electrical wiring issues.

Good real estate contracts are key to preventing litigation

No one who sets about to buy, sell or develop real estate in the Broward County, Florida area wants to find himself or herself tied up in litigation. Such legal disputes are very costly both in terms of money and time, so much that even a relatively simple dispute can easily make a Floridian's investment in real estate not worth it.

Be careful with the wide range of documents in a real estate deal

In both the commercial and residential real estate markets, details are crucial to completing deals. For commercial real estate deals, businesses will need to make sure that financing is in place and investors are on board with such a big move as acquiring new real estate for office buildings, warehouses or new retail locations. For residential real estate deals, both the buyer and seller will want to make sure that the purchase agreement doesn't contain any unfavorable terms that could hold up the deal at closing. The last thing that anyone wants is a real estate dispute that results in litigation.

Saving your time and money by getting the real estate deal done

Efficiency can be a hard thing to accomplish in most parts of life. Many South Florida residents do their best to make the most of their time - and their money. But, that isn't always an easy thing to do. In the world of real estate transactions, striving for efficiency can be crucial. Efficiency can be especially important when it comes to resolving a real estate dispute.

Can real estate developers minimize the risk of litigation?

Any of our readers who have ever been involved in investing of any kind know one simple proposition: minimize risk, maximize profit. Of course, knowing this proposition and then making sure that each investment follows along is easier said than done. Real estate development, in particular, can be a difficult type of investing to predict. So, what can real estate investors do in order to minimize the risk of litigation in their real estate deals?

Protecting your rights during a real estate dispute

The purchase or sale of a home is not an uncommon transaction for Florida residents to be a part of. However, being a party to a real estate contract can be a rather complex situation. Much like any contract, the terms of the agreement might be ambiguous, a party might be in breech of the contract or a purchase agreement may be void. These circumstances could result in a rather unpleasant matter, most likely leading to a real estate dispute. While a real estate dispute is an unpleasant situation to be in, there are mechanisms to work through and resolve any issues present.

An easement could lead to a real estate dispute

Most South Florida residents simply want to enjoy the peaceable and quiet use of their home and land. They may feel they are entitled to that much. But, as much as most people are like-minded in this respect, the fact is that certain elements of property law will inevitably lead to real estate disputes. The presence of easements on a property owner's real estate has just that sort of potential.

Real estate disputes and your mortgage

Many of our South Florida readers may believe that real estate disputes can only occur between two parties to a deal: the buyer and the seller. However, it is not unheard of for buyers to have a real estate dispute with a mortgage lender after the transaction for the property has been completed.

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