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Real estate trends, urban sprawl and the law of supply and demand

In previous decades, the trend in residential real estate has simply been about leaving the cities and expanding the suburbs. That led to urban sprawl. America does tend to cater to this type of development since much of the country's real growth occurred after the invention of the automobile. The development of the infrastructure to support this means that Americans have easy access to more remote living situations and they tend to be very willing to drive -- and to invest in their cars -- to make this lifestyle possible.

Items needed in a real estate contract for it to be approved

If you are planning to enter into the real estate market in Fort Lauderdale, or any other area in South Florida, it is important that you know what is required in order to have a valid and binding contract. You will want to ensure that when you enter into a contract to buy or sell your property that every "I" is dotted and "T" is crossed so that the purchase/sale does not fail because the contract is faulty.

Tips for purchasing a vacant lot

It can be extremely difficult to find the home of your dreams, especially when you are looking at older homes that need a lot of work. Even though the market fluctuates, it can still be hard to find what it is you want in Fort Lauderdale. One way to circumvent this problem is to purchase vacant land and custom build the home of your dreams.

How do I become a legal snowbird in Florida?

Are you thinking of moving to Florida but don't want to live there year-round? Do you have a vacation home in another area of the country, say the Mid-Atlantic states, that you like to live at during the summer months? If so, you can become a snowbird. Snowbirds are people who live in Florida for the warmth during the winter and then live elsewhere during the summer. So, how do you become a legal snowbird in Florida?

Tips for avoiding foreclosure on your home in Florida

The worry that many homeowners encounter is if they will lose their home to foreclosure. Now, this is not something that can happen overnight but it can be a fairly quick process if all of the chips fall into place. There are ways you can prevent the foreclosure of your home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You just need to know what it is you can do so you don't wind up losing your home to the bank.

Florida struggling to lure millennials into real estate market

The residential real estate market is surging across the country for one big reason: millennials. Millennials are buying real estate in the top 100 metro statistical areas in the country at an incredible rate. Despite this, they are not doing so in the state of Florida. So, what is the problem or the difference with Florida? The data comes from a study conducted by LendingTree. Let's take a deeper look at what was found.

Million dollar Fort Lauderdale waterfront home sent to auction

With the real estate market as active as it has been in recent years, occasionally, a luxury residential real estate listing will make an appearance. And, one such listing has now come available at auction in Fort Lauderdale later this month. The property has a boat slip, private lot on the New River and all in lush tropical gardens. The property was previously listed for $4.9 million.

CC&R's and their effect on Fort Lauderdale home buyers

When buying a home, there are so many aspects to consider. Location, price, number of bedrooms and a variety of other factors go into making the decision to buy a home. Sometimes, it can feel like there are so many factors, it can be hard to prioritize which are most important. One aspect of home buying that some might overlook is CC&R's and their impact on a person's home ownership.

Pending tax reform package may affect real estate sales

One of the more controversial pieces of the recent tax reform package now being mulled over in Washington is a provision that would scale back the very popular mortgage interest deduction, a benefit which many Fort Lauderdale residents and other people who live in South Florida enjoy as a perk of home ownership.

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