We Pride Ourselves On Attention To Detail In Our Real Estate Title Work

Real estate title work is not as cut and dried as some real estate professionals would have you believe. At the Law Office of Kimberly A. Abrams & Associates, P.A., in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we are detailed and thorough in our work to ensure a successful purchase or sale.

Taking shortcuts or missing steps in real estate title work is a tremendous disservice to any client looking to buy or sell real estate. At our firm, we team with industry professionals to ensure all title searches are thorough and accurate.

Ensuring a clean real estate title takes diligence and an extensive understanding of the title search process. You can rely on our team to thoroughly review all documentation related to these searches and other forms related to closings. Our firm is qualified to handle an expansive range of real estate matters, able to serve as a closing agent and liaise with realtors during this real estate transaction.

Problems That Can Arise From Quick Title Searches

In an effort to save time and money, many of our competitors don’t do full and complete title searches. The pitfalls of not performing a proper title search are numerous. Without a full and complete title search, true ownership of the property cannot be determined and open judgments, liens or other matters that can affect the title cannot be ascertained. These problems can result in the buyer purchasing property whose title is not free and clear.

Partnering With Seasoned Underwriters For Real Estate Title Searches

At our firm, we do not omit this important step. In order to provide the high-caliber service that you deserve, we work with Old Republic National Title underwriters. Using the information we provide, they conduct title searches and examine all relevant documents. To secure your financial interests, we issue title insurance and address title defects that are found during the search.

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