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The integrity of the underwriting process is more important today than ever. After the subprime mortgage crisis, lenders and real estate buyers must exercise additional caution in an effort to avoid certain kinds of financial and legal liability. Any deviations from standard real estate underwriting practices could result in potential exposure and liability to buyers and lenders alike.

At the Law Office of Kimberly A. Abrams & Associates, P.A., in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we work with nationally recognized real estate underwriters who maintain the highest standards of quality, control and attention to detail. We work closely with these real estate underwriters to ensure that the quality of the title being transferred and/or insured is free from any potential claim or demand.

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Conducting Due Diligence To Minimize Your Liabilities

We are committed to ensuring that titles are clean before they are transferred. We partner with Old Republic National Title Insurance Company when we underwrite your title insurance. Working with this highly reputable title insurer allows us to complete this important step in the transaction process with confidence.

Conducting due diligence ensures that the title is free from hidden defects that are expensive to resolve. As a mandatory prerequisite to the writing of any policy of title insurance, the Law Office of Kimberly A. Abrams & Associates, P.A., will complete a title search, a lien search, a tax search. We will also obtain a condominium or homeowner association estoppel letter.

We will not move forward with a title transfer or write its policies until we thoroughly examine the search results. After we determine that there are no issues with the title, we will act promptly to transfer title and/or write a policy or policies of title insurance.

Examining Titles To Uncover Costly Defects

Our title searches are run by and through the search plant at Old Republic National Title Insurance Company. Old Republic’s title examiners conduct extensive reviews, searching for any title defects that may exist, including:

  • Open mortgages
  • Liens
  • Judgments
  • Easements
  • Claims of interest
  • Delinquent property taxes

Scrutinizing Liens To Identify Problematic Issues

Our lien searches are run by reputable and experienced local lien search companies. These companies are qualified to uncover title defects relating to:

  • Code violations
  • Open permits
  • City liens and/or assessments
  • Outstanding balances on water and sewer accounts.

Once properly identified, the Law Office of Kimberly A. Abrams & Associates, P.A., works diligently to remove all defects of title so that the transaction may proceed to a successful closing.

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