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Over 30 Years Of Experience Representing Sellers At Closings

Whether it is your family’s home or your business’s commercial property, your real estate is most likely one of your largest assets. If you are selling your property, it will take more than a licensed realtor to ensure that you have received the best terms possible, that you are completely protected, and that your closing proceeds smoothly. Having an experienced real estate attorney by your side will make all the difference in how this intricate transaction unfolds and ultimately concludes.

Attorney Kimberly A. Abrams, Esq., has more than 30 years of experience as a real estate lawyer, representing both buyers and sellers and the handling of both residential and commercial closings for families, business owners and investors. Thousands of clients throughout South Florida have benefitted from the experienced counsel, meticulous document preparation services, and attention to detail provided by the Law Office of Kimberly A. Abrams & Associates, P.A.

Detail-Oriented And Proactive Seller Representation

When you hire the Law Office of Kimberly A. Abrams & Associates, P.A., if not also serving as closing agent, we will partner with the buyer’s closing agent to streamline the process, resolve all title requirements, and address any unexpected hurdles that may arise during the processing phase of your real estate transaction that could negatively impact your closing. Kimberly A. Abrams, Esq., will also meticulously draft the required seller documents making sure to include only those terms that are contractually required.

Being represented by Kimberly A. Abrams, Esq., includes the following services:

  • Contract – She will draft/review and negotiate your contract to ensure the best possible terms for you and protect your interests.
  • Title Search – She will examine your title search for ownership, judgments, liens, encroachments, etc., and resolve any issues.
  • Lien Search – She will examine your lien search for permits, violations, utility accounts, assessments, etc., and resolve any issues.
  • Survey (if applicable) – She will examine your buyer’s survey for encroachments and boundary identification and resolve any issues.
  • Association Estoppel (if applicable) – She will examine your estoppel for the amount and frequency of the regular assessments, the existence and balance of any special assessments, delinquencies, violations of the rules and regulations, to determine if the association is involved in litigation, if the association has a right of first refusal, if there are any other associations that govern the property, etc., and resolve any issues.
  • Payoffs – She will obtain from your mortgage lender(s) and judgment/lien holder(s), if any, payoffs for any amounts due and owing.
  • Closing Statement – She will prepare and/or review your closing statement (the document that reflects your credits and debits resulting in your net proceeds) to make sure that it is consistent with the terms of your contract and does not contain any fees/costs that you are not contractually obligated to pay.
  • Closing Documents – She will prepare and/or review your closing documents to make sure that they are consistent with the terms of your contract and that they do not contain any language that is not contractually required.
  • Document Signing – She will meet with you, or facilitate a remote closing if requested, for the explanation, signing, and notarizing of all of your closing documents.
  • Disbursement – She will ensure that you receive your net proceeds before possession is delivered to your buyer. She will also ensure that any mortgages and/or liens that need to be paid off are done so during this phase.
  • Recording – She will record or confirm the recording of the Warranty Deed and any other required documents such as a Satisfaction/Release of Mortgage.
  • Title Insurance – If our office is also the closing agent, she will write the Owner’s Title Insurance Policy and the Loan Policy.
  • Post Closing Closeout – Your file is not closed until all post-closing matters have been resolved.

The Law Office of Kimberly A. Abrams & Associates, P.A., offers our clients after-hours closings, mobile closings, mail-away closings, and electronic closings in addition to in-house closings during normal business hours.

As your seller representative, Kimberly A. Abrams, Esq., and her team will remain by your side every step of the way taking care to thoroughly explain the entire process and the terms of every document.

Contact Our Office To Speak With A Knowledgeable Real Estate Attorney

As your advocate, we are dedicated to securing favorable terms that protect your interests now and in the future. Contact the Law Office of Kimberly A. Abrams & Associates, P.A., before you sign your closing documents by calling 954-546-7399 or emailing us.