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Real estate underwriting: The basics

Real estate underwriting can provide a valuable advantage for those who are looking to purchase real estate. Individuals looking to purchase a home or businesses looking to purchase property as part of a business venture will likely go through the underwriting process. This piece will provide some basic information about what the process is and how it works.

Will the 2019 hurricane season impact mortgage default rates?

Real estate in Florida can be some of the best in the world. Unfortunately, it can also come with some of the highest risk. Property along the coastline can be subject to the devastation of a hurricane. These powerful storms can destroy roofs, level walls and even change the shoreline.

Florida real estate scam costs family $77,000

The moment a buyer closes on a home is a moment of celebration. Yes, a large amount of money is at stake. But, if done correctly, at the end of the transaction the buyer walks away with a property of their own — and possibly at least partially the bank’s if the buyer got a mortgage.

In most cases, the closing meeting goes as expected. However, there are instances when issues arise that result in unintended results. One Florida family provides an example.

The pros and cons of FSBO

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) real estate transactions provide a prospective seller with the opportunity to sell their home on their own terms, but is this type of sale right for you? The following will delve into some of the pros and cons of a FSBO real estate deal.

How will Florida’s new notary law impact home sales?

Florida lawmakers recently passed a law that could increase investment in the real estate market. The law, available here, allows for online, remote notarization. Those who are interested in purchasing property will no longer need to be in the state to get the documents notarized. The transaction could potentially be finalized completely online.

Is this a novel idea? Not really. Other states have passed similar laws. Virginia has had a similar law in place since 2011. Other examples are present in Nevada, Vermont and Texas.

Failure to review documents may have aided real estate scam

A real estate attorney can help buyers and investors to protect their interests. This is true for transactions that range from multimillion-dollar projects to buyers who are interested in purchasing a single-family unit currently owned by a bank. Buyers or sellers that fail to seek legal representation in these transactions can be at a greater risk for fraud.

Real estate contracts: What provisions are important?

Real estate contracts are often long, difficult to understand documents. Buyers, sellers and investors can benefit from a basic understanding of some of the more common provisions.

Three specific examples that warrant careful review include:

Florida real estate and taxes: Did the new law change things?

President Donald Trump’s piece of tax reform, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), went into effect on 2018 tax returns. As a result, agencies are starting to gather and analyze data on the impact of the law. One specific area of concern: did the new tax law impact the housing market?  

New bill could change real estate in Florida

Florida lawmakers are considering a proposal that would set limits on the ability of local governments to control housing prices. The bill specifically addresses the use of price ceilings to provide affordable housing.

What led to the proposal? At the end of 2018, Miami passed an ordinance that required housing developers to include a percentage of units to accommodate low-income residents.

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