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Mortgages are complex, but can the process be simplified?

Let's face it: electronics have changed almost everything. Over the last twenty years there have been so many advances to change society's level of interaction, as well as the way people interact, that now it is almost impossible to imagine how we managed without cell phones and computers. Homeowners have probably seen some changes in how they interact with banks, with many now preferring an automatic withdrawal to pay the monthly mortgage payment.

Mortgage costs in Florida are high, but is the risk worth it?

When the nation was slammed by the burst of the housing bubble, South Florida wasn't able to escape the ramifications. Property values plummeted throughout the state, forcing many homeowners to seek a mortgage loan modification. This allowed them to avoid delinquent payments or foreclosure.

South Florida keeps getting good news -- is there any elsewhere?

While South Florida has been spoiled with good news for the local real estate market, the rest of the country hasn't been fairing quite so well. Many of our readers are familiar by now with the data that continues to point out that South Florida is one area of the country that experienced a revival in real estate transactions over the course of the last several months. And from looking at most recent reports, the local housing market continues to improve.

When will the Broward County real estate market "level off"?

Broward County residents have been getting mostly good news about the real estate market for months, so many people were probably expecting at least a shade of a warning sign at some point. The warning, if it could be called that, comes from the authoritative residential real estate website, whose chief economist has predicted that the market for residential property in Broward County is likely to "level off."

Keep it coming: More good news for Broward County real estate

Our South Florida readers have heard it before, and now it appears they'll hear it again: Broward County is still one of the pockets of good news for the housing market.

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