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Is your doctor located next to your favorite retail center?

Many of our South Florida readers know that one of the keys to running a successful business enterprise is the ability to change with the times. The inability to do so can lead to financial difficulties at best, and bankruptcy at the worst. A recent article focused on the changes many South Florida medical care providers are making, and that includes staking out commercial real estate in prime locations.

Large real estate purchase in South Florida raises some eyebrows

The rush on residential real estate in South Florida has put quite a bit of pressure on prospective buyers. Previous posts here have detailed how the continuous rise in demand in the area has pushed purchase prices higher and higher, sometimes aided by bidding wars between families and investors. With real estate transactions occurring left and right every day, it can be especially interesting when a major purchase is made in South Florida. That was the case recently, according to a news report, when an investment firm announced a plan to purchase approximately 1,000 homes in the South Florida area.

Darker clouds on the horizon? Housing bubble concerns rising

Most of our previous posts for some time now have focused on all of the good news associated with the South Florida real estate market. Home values have been rising consistently, residential development is firmly underway and residential property in the area seems like it has never been hotter. However, many of our previous posts have also commented on the possibility of the housing recovery picking up too much steam, leading to more problems in the future - possibly the near-future. A recent article in the Sun Sentinel sounded those same alarm bells.

Floridians still dealing with a high rate of foreclosures

Although residents of South Florida are probably getting used to seeing mostly positive headlines when it comes to the real estate market, it can be easy to forget that Florida residents statewide are still having a lot of problems with banks and lenders. With year after year of signs of only a tepid economic recovery, making the mortgage payment is still the hardest part of daily life for millions of Americans, including many in Florida. And, according to a recent report, January of 2013 marked the fifth month in a row in which Florida led the nation in the foreclosure rate.

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