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Cause for concern over new South Florida foreclosure numbers?

Several of our previous posts here have noted that there are some indications that the South Florida real estate market is leveling out - or even headed toward a slight downturn. There have been a number of economic and price-point indicators to support this conclusion, but it hasn't been all bad news. However, a recent report contained some data that will likely continue to leave real estate and mortgage experts concerned.

Will the South Florida real estate market change this autumn?

Our readers know that the South Florida area obviously doesn't experience the change in the seasons that most of the rest of the country goes through. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't some changes that take place when the calendar rolls over into autumn. For the rest of the country, there are some changes that occur in the residential real estate market once the so-called summer buying season dies down. So, will the South Florida real estate market see any changes this autumn?

Saving your time and money by getting the real estate deal done

Efficiency can be a hard thing to accomplish in most parts of life. Many South Florida residents do their best to make the most of their time - and their money. But, that isn't always an easy thing to do. In the world of real estate transactions, striving for efficiency can be crucial. Efficiency can be especially important when it comes to resolving a real estate dispute.

Steadiness in the South Florida residential real estate market

Recent posts here have covered the reports that there are some changes coming to the South Florida residential real estate market. In some areas sales prices are decreasing for residential property as inventory continues to build. In others, the residential development of condo towers is having an impact on the per-square-foot value of condo units. But, even though the South Florida area is starting to see some change in the real estate market, these indicators don't have to necessarily be viewed as factors in a "downturn."

More signs of a stalling residential property market?

A recent post here covered a report that the condo part of the residential real estate market in South Florida has seen at least some signs of slowing down. As always, that kind of news is, in general, good news for potential buyers and bad news for sellers. Now, another report has come out that could be a negative for another sector of the residential property market.

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