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First-time homebuyers may find tough market in South Florida

First-time homebuyers can be nervous about the prospect of entering into what is likely to be the largest financial transaction in which they have ever been involved. And, with the "housing crash" of 2007-2008 still somewhat fresh in the minds of most Americans, even more fear can creep in. That is why many potential first-time homebuyers approach the residential real estate market cautiously, and most would be wise to do so only after they get the best information about the current market conditions in their area.

Can real estate developers minimize the risk of litigation?

Any of our readers who have ever been involved in investing of any kind know one simple proposition: minimize risk, maximize profit. Of course, knowing this proposition and then making sure that each investment follows along is easier said than done. Real estate development, in particular, can be a difficult type of investing to predict. So, what can real estate investors do in order to minimize the risk of litigation in their real estate deals?

Navigating the "FSBO" process with residential real estate

People in America are very independent. They see something that some people pay for assistance with and many will think, "I can do that myself." As a result, the "For Sale By Owner" process for selling residential property has always been popular throughout the country. The reality is that this process can be successfully completed, but that doesn't mean that no help at all is needed.

Residential real estate market to continue to favor sellers

South Florida residents who have ever thought of "testing the waters" of the residential real estate market have likely thought that they should wait for the right moment. But, when is the right moment? How do potential buyers know when is the right time to jump in?

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