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Did you attend a real estate closing in 2012? Thousands did.

How long is it going to take for the housing market to recover? This is a question that millions of homeowners across the country have been asking themselves for years now. But our regular South Florida readers know that the local area has seen a substantial improvement in the residential real estate market, especially in the last year. So, while large swaths of the country continue to plod through a mediocre-to-poor housing market, South Florida has seen recent expansion plans for land development due to the hot housing rebound.

Does the sale of a Margate retail center signal a rebound?

Most of our readers probably know by now that the South Florida real estate market has been hot for months. Residential real estate values continue to climb, and there really isn't an end sight. Although some have expressed concern about the uptick in residential real estate development and the potential that it may flood the market all over again, times are good right now. But what about commercial real estate?

South Florida distressed property inventory decreases

While many of our South Florida readers may have noticed the uptick in residential development in the local area, some may not know that existing inventory is also a hot commodity - even distressed properties. A recent article detailed how the inventory of residential property which has been foreclosed on or for another reason had a depressed value or price has decreased markedly over the last few months. This could be good news for those in the market to sell, as fewer distressed properties on the market could translate into an increase in property value for everyone.

Property dispute brewing in Boca Raton

There is no question that of all the times a person may need to hire a lawyer for something, completing a real estate sale is one area that can go the smoothest. Drawing up purchase agreements and preparing for closing can be exciting times for both buyers and sellers, and most are only too happy to pay to make sure that there are no unfavorable terms or other reasons not to complete the sale. However, there are also many instances when a real estate dispute can lead to litigation, and when that happens it is always best to have a knowledgeable person on your side to go through the legal process.

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