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Afraid of the next housing "bubble" in South Florida?

Many of our South Florida readers who keep their ears to the ground listening for real estate transaction news may be hearing the beginnings of a dreadfully fearful word: "bubble." After all, it was the "bursting of the real estate bubble" several years ago that led to the beginning of the near-constant state of America's moribund economy. For months now South Florida residents have seen news of soaring real estate values in the area, as well as tales of bidding wars that a couple of years ago would have been laughable. Now, the watch for the next "bubble" has begun. But, to hear it from a recent article, there may not be anything to worry about - yet.

South Florida homeowners still facing foreclosure

A South Florida reader who frequents posts here has seen one undeniable trend: the local real estate market, for the most part, is as hot as can be right now. Great news all the time, right? That is usually the case, but for many homeowners in the area good news is still something they are waiting for.

With financial difficulties ending, commercial property shines

Even though our South Florida readers have seen time and time again ample evidence that the residential real estate sector has been performing admirably over the last year or so, it seems that the commercial real estate market is playing catch-up. The numbers concerning commercial property, such as retail sites, industrial property, warehouses and especially office buildings, pale in comparison to the red-hot residential sales and development figures. However, the gap may be closing.

Real estate figures in South Florida remain healthy

Anyone looking for storm clouds to gather over the South Florida real estate market any time soon will apparently be waiting for quite a while. According to a recent report, the March home values in the region were 11 percent higher than in March of 2012. March was the last month data was available from the Case-Shiller real estate index, and the increase was reportedly the 15th straight month of gains.

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