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An easement could lead to a real estate dispute

Most South Florida residents simply want to enjoy the peaceable and quiet use of their home and land. They may feel they are entitled to that much. But, as much as most people are like-minded in this respect, the fact is that certain elements of property law will inevitably lead to real estate disputes. The presence of easements on a property owner's real estate has just that sort of potential.

Is it better for a business to rent or buy an office building?

There are many companies that have made the decision to make South Florida the location for their headquarters and other important facilities. There are a variety of reasons why a company would make this decision. South Florida has major urban locations that provide relatively easy access to South America, among other trade markets. In addition, many people in the workforce in South Florida are well-educated and resourceful. Moreover, the pleasant climate in South Florida may just be enough to recruit the right workers.

Will interest in rental property impact residential real estate?

Many South Florida residents have, at some point in life, found themselves facing the seemingly timeless question of, "Is it better to rent or buy?" Of course, the answer is almost always "it depends." For example, the dynamics of the local South Florida market are quite a bit different than they are in many other areas of the country. In the local market, rental property is heating up right now. But, will the interest in rental property have an impact on buyers and sellers in the residential real estate market?

South Florida experiencing hot market for retail property

Many of our previous posts here have covered the relatively good news that usually comes out of the South Florida residential real estate market, but it seems that the commercial real estate market is beginning to see some good news as well. Not only are more companies making the decision to set up headquarters in the South Florida area, a recent report indicates that retail commercial property is also experiencing quite a resurgence.

Real estate disputes and your mortgage

Many of our South Florida readers may believe that real estate disputes can only occur between two parties to a deal: the buyer and the seller. However, it is not unheard of for buyers to have a real estate dispute with a mortgage lender after the transaction for the property has been completed.

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