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Has the South Florida market bounced too high for average buyers?

When home buyers in South Florida finally reach acceptable contract terms on real estate agreements, it can be exciting. Some buyers look for months for the perfect piece of residential property to call home, and when they find it all of the effort seems to be well worth it.

Are "flippers" looking elsewhere for investment real estate?

Most South Florida residents are probably familiar with the investment technique known as "flipping." These types of real estate transactions involve a prospective buyer looking to purchase a property for a lower-than-average price, with the buyer then fixing up the property and selling it for a profit. This type of arrangement was very popular throughout many different real estate markets before the housing bubble "burst" several years ago, and since some areas have rebounded in recent years interest has regenerated in certain areas. However, according to a recent article, South Florida has been seeing fewer "flippers" as property values in the local area have increased.

Businesses eying retail or office buildings may need to move fast

With all the talk about the red-hot South Florida residential real estate market our readers would probably expect to see commercial property, like office buildings and retail centers, filling up with tenants. A recent report noted that Palm Beach County alone has nearly 29.6 million square feet in commercial real estate, but anyone who thinks that this type of property may be too hot to handle may want to think again.

All types of South Florida property are getting popular

As the residential real estate market in South Florida continues an unbroken streak of good months, most of our readers would probably expect to see more office buildings and retail locations filling up with tenants. After all, it goes without saying that where there's paying customers to be found a company will usually try to get a foothold in that area. So, is commercial real estate in South Florida beginning to reflect some of the positive news coming out of the residential side of things? A recent report suggests that just might be the case.

Prices are jumping by double-digit percentages in South Florida

For most of the rest of the country the summer months represent the prime buying time for residential real estate. It really isn't that hard to see why, since most other states have to deal with changing weather in a way that South Florida doesn't have to worry about. As a result, people are more likely to spend time driving from house to house in the summer months, as they try to gauge which new home would serve their family best. The strange thing is, however, that the summer months seem to have been great for South Florida real estate just the same.

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