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The offer is an important real estate contract

For many potential homebuyers in South Florida the most exciting - and anxiety inducing - part of the process is submitting an offer to purchase the home of their dreams. This type of offer is usually more commonly known as a proposed purchase agreement. However, what our readers may not know is that there is much more to purchase agreements than a simple dollar figure.

Avoiding real estate disputes with properly drafted documents

Nobody goes into a real estate deal in South Florida expecting a contract dispute. But, unfortunately these types of disagreements do happen. And, in many cases, the whole reason a real estate dispute develops is due to disputed terms in a contract.

Florida commercial property recovering

Floridians who are familiar with previous posts know that it is taking a bit longer for the commercial real estate market in South Florida to bounce back than it is for the residential real estate market. While home values throughout the local market have been on the rebound for a year or more, commercial property has not been quite as hot. That may be beginning to change.

What documents do you need when applying for a mortgage?

Recently across the nation millions of young adults graduated from college and will be looking forward to starting their chosen professions. Many of our readers were in the same place in life at some point - eager to get out into the world and really get started. During this period of time many people are living on their own for the first time, usually renting an apartment or some other type of temporary housing. But, after a few years of getting life experience and saving up some money, many people decide that the time is right to start thinking about buying a home.

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