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Options when facing foreclosure

When people are having financial problems, they may see a possible foreclosure looming in the near future. But, oftentimes homeowners do not begin thinking about what other options may be available to them until it is too late. Recognizing that they are having a tough time financially and recognizing this fact early may allow homeowners to explore all available options before a foreclosure action commences.

Is the slowdown in rising home prices in South Florida a problem?

With autumn right around the corner most people throughout the country are probably looking forward to the weather cooling off. While that may not be the case in always sunny South Florida, there is one thing that seems to be cooling off in the local area: the residential real estate market.

Learning the basic facts about mortgages

There are a lot of factors in play when a South Florida resident is looking for that prime piece of property to call home, but perhaps no factor is more important than the process of applying for a mortgage. Securing a mortgage for a home is probably one of the biggest financial decisions a person will ever make, so it is important to know the basics of this transaction.

What do the latest mortgage foreclosure numbers tell us?

The health of any given real estate market is a localized concern, but one theme that was persistent throughout the country over the last several years, was the increase in the number of foreclosures. When the Florida and national economy took a nosedive, there was no place to hide, and the housing market suffered the brunt of the negative consequences. Millions of Americans lost their homes, and their lives were changed forever.

Is the South Florida real estate market stabilizing?

Although the news regarding South Florida real estate has remained positive throughout this year thus far, the last few weeks our readers may have noticed that there have been a few negative reports amidst all of the positives. The hope is that this is just a sign of a bit of market stabilization, as opposed to a sign of a potential downturn. For instance, a recent report that analyzed the data on real estate transactions in South Florida from June of this year noted that while the local market for single-family homes in the area was strong, other residential real estate, like townhomes and condos, didn't fair nearly as well.

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