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Buyers need to be prepared at a real estate closing

In most real estate transactions both sides - buyer and seller - probably feel like they are doing a good job of securing a deal that is best for them. Not that either side is trying to "pull one over" on the other - just that both parties are using whatever leverage they have to secure their position in the real estate sale. But, as a recent post here noted, the South Florida real estate market is, and has been for some time, mostly a "seller's market." As a result, prospective buyers in South Florida need to be aware of how to best negotiate a sales contract, and then carry the deal through to the real estate closing.

Some year-end highlights in the South Florida real estate market

Many of our South Florida readers do a good job of keeping their ears to the ground in order to determine which way the real estate pendulum is swinging in the local real estate market. For residential real estate in particular, both buyers and sellers want to know the answer to one important question: does the market favor my position at this time? As 2015 draws toward an end, one report took a look at some of the factors that are having an impact on the South Florida real estate market.

How do banks view the mortgage application process?

Most of our South Florida readers know that the mortgage application process can be the most grueling part of buying a home. Every individual or couple who is in the market for a mortgage will present a unique financial profile to lenders and banks and, as a result, different applicants will receive different loan terms and interest rates. But, what is the mortgage process like from the lender's point of view?

How will your neighbors use their real estate?

Of all the wide variety of factors that go into a real estate transaction between a buyer and seller, probably the one "X" factor is the people who own the adjacent properties. After all, a prospective buyer in South Florida may be able to do all the research they want about the home itself, the commercial opportunities in the vicinity and the local schools, but they can't necessarily do a background check on the people who will come to be their neighbors after the real estate transaction is complete.

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