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March 2014 Archives

Office buildings filling up in South Florida

Financial difficulties can force many companies from all kinds of business sectors to make tough choices in regards to their balance sheets. Throughout the economic downturn of recent years, this has meant that more companies are comfortable standing pat in their current office buildings, regardless of space concerns, because traditionally it has been a very expensive proposition to relocate a company's headquarters or a main office hub. When profit begins to shrink, moving into updated facilities is usually the last consideration in the minds of company decision makers.

Property dispute drags on for South Florida couple

Although many of our South Florida readers know that buying and selling real estate can get complex, the fact of the matter is that it can be exciting too. Families, in particular, can get excited about the prospect of finding the perfect place to call "home" and start a life together. However, not every deal goes smoothly, as a recent news story about one South Florida couple's problems with their real estate purchase demonstrated.

Property value increases lead to decrease in underwater mortgages

For months now our South Florida readers have been seeing the positive news about the rebounding home values and purchases prices on residential real estate throughout the local area. While most of the focus has been on what this means for potential buyers and sellers in the market, a recent report detailed some of what this means for those homeowners who aren't in the market for property and who are instead simply trying to make the monthly mortgage payment.

With foreclosure behind them, former homeowners look to rebound

Over the last several years there have been far too many Americans who have had to experience the uncertainty and flat-out fear associated with foreclosure. Florida residents are especially familiar with this problem, as the state was one of the hardest hit by the housing bubble "bursting." Despite occasional reports about economic bright spots, both in Florida and nationwide, there really hasn't been all that much good news for American workers and homeowners lately. However, with the South Florida housing market on the rebound and Florida residents overall trying to bounce back themselves, every little bit of good news can help.

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