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Noticeable changes in the South Florida real estate market

If any of our South Florida readers have been listening closely, they have likely heard the beginnings of rumblings about one of the most dreaded words in all of real estate: "bubble." For local residents, it is fairly easy to see why this could be a growing concern. All it takes is a drive by any of the dozens of local construction areas, where condo towers seem to be popping up like spring dandelions. After all, a rapid increase in inventory, along with rising sales prices, is what played a major role when the last real estate bubble burst several years ago.

Former University of Miami football star beats foreclosure

Many Florida residents know what it is like to have trouble staying on top of a mortgage plan. When people enter into a mortgage agreement, they rarely do so with thoughts of future trouble in trying to make the monthly mortgage payments. But, for whatever reason, be it the sudden loss of a job or another significant change in income, sometimes life changes result in a need to reassess the ability to make those payments.

Looking at the affordability of South Florida real estate

Homeownership is supposed to be a major part of the so-called "American Dream." Many of our South Florida readers are either getting ready to buy a home or might be interested in selling, and fortunately for both groups owning a home still has some major positive points for families and individuals in America. But is owning a home becoming a more income-restricted option in the local residential real estate market? According to a recent report, the answer to that question might be "yes."

When foreclosures and short sales are down sellers control market

When the housing bubble burst in America a few years back, it was one of the greatest losses of wealth the country had ever experienced. For some Florida residents, all of the mortgage payments they had made for years - building equity in what many people considered to be the safest investment of all - suddenly seemed to have been for nothing. It was a rough time for millions of homeowners throughout the country, but Florida was hit especially hard.

No end in sight for South Florida residential development

Residential development - specifically condo development - has really begun to ramp in South Florida over the last year or so, and it appears as if there will be no slowing down. A recent report noted that over 200 new condo towers have been proposed throughout Palm Beach County, Broward County and Miami-Dade County. From these numbers, it is obvious that investors and builders see a hotspot and they want to strike while the resurgent residential real estate market is still on the upswing.

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